Sun Media column critiques RRJ coverage

Do instructors in Ryerson’s journalism program dismiss or slag Sun Media?

This is the question prompted by a recent column by Sun Media’s Lorrie Goldstein, “Tilley’s definitely got game: So what’s a Sun scribe got to do to get a mention in the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

In the column Goldstein sings the praises of Sun Media’s technology writer Steve Tilley, who writes about mainly about video gaming. She wrote:

“If you’re going to write critically about media coverage of video gaming in Canada and be credible, you have to interview Sun Media’s technology and games writer Steve Tilley.

No other Canadian writer, and few in North America, has Tilley’s knowledge, ability to break major stories — at times even scooping the gaming industry’s own publications — and access to industry executives.”

Why then, she he wonders, did an article on North American coverage of gaming (“The WoW Factor” – not currently available online) in the latest edition of the Ryerson Review of Journalism not mention Tilley.

Goldstein wrote:

“Predictably, the article included comments from the Star and Globe, who don’t commit the resources to gaming we do.

This is typical of Ryerson’s journalism program — and I don’t blame the students, but the faculty — which has a long, culturally inbred history of repeatedly dismissing or slagging Sun Media, a foolish disservice to their students.”