Sun columnists discuss: is the media in Canada conservative?

Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski has written a response to an earlier column by his Sun colleague, Warren Kinsella. In his column, Bonokoski takes issue with a statement Kinsella made in an earlier column, and then again when he ran a correction.

The statement is this: “First off, the media in Canada are overwhelmingly small- or large-C conservative. Period.”

Kinsella goes on to say there isn’t a Liberal or New Democrat around in talk radio, adding most papers endorsed the Conservatives in the election. He calls The Globe and Mail and the CTV recruiting grounds for Conservative senate appointments.

To all this Bonokoski says: “Overwhelming conservative?!? While I would hate to think Kinsella is losing his marbles at such a young age — he’s only 50 — it would appear he has his crock confused with his popper.”

He continues:

“A conservative bias in Canada’s media? Take away QMI Agency’s five big-city English tabloids and the Sun News Network, and the media is so left that, without us, there’d be very little right — particularly among newspapers, and especially among small town dailies and weeklies.”

So who’s right? Is Canada’s media (capital or small letter) liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between?