Submitting content to J-Source

Eligible J-Source members can upload content for review and posting to our General Submissions area. When you sign in to the content submission area of J-Source, you will be prompted to either Manage or Create Articles.

1. Click “Create Article” and fill in all the required fields. Use the summary field to write a short description of your submission, including the intended category or topic page.
2. Click “Next” 2x (ignore all other fields).
3. Click “Create New Page” and type in your submission. Copy must be directly typed into the content window or filtered through a text-only application — any content copied and pasted from other applications or sources will not be posted.
3. Click “Save” when you are done creating the page, and repeat the process to create any additional pages (if necessary). Pages should contain no more than 1,000 words. 
4. Click on “Finish” to post your submission to J-Source.

Submissions will be reviewed by the appropriate editor and submitters will be notified if and when the submission is posted. All content posted to J-Source is property of the author. Further guidelines are forthcoming — in the meantime, if you have any technical or editorial questions, please send them to the site administrator. Sign in to access the content submission area. If you have forgotten your password or have not previously registered for permission to submit, please register.