Steve Murray, National Post



Steve Murray, National Post

Original nomination:

No one can tenaciously craft words and images quite the way Steve Murray does. His graphical interpretations of complex news stories, such as the Prime Minister's plans to change the CPP in "You can cut the pension with a knife" or "With or Against" featuring the Public Safety Minister, bring clarity to Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Only Steve Murray had the courage to brave the isolation of the prorogued Ontario Legislature in "Queens Park for a Day". Finally, while most journalists confine themselves to news stories, Steve goes much further in offering every Canadian an advice column called "Really Bad Advice". Sometimes, the news is just not enough, and a reader needs some (really bad) advice, and that is where Steve Murray from the National Post comes in.


Steve Murray author page:

“You can cut the pension with a knife” graphic

“With or against” graphic

Queen’s Park for a day: Steve Murray gets a behind-the-scenes look at the prorogued Ontario legislature

Steve Murray’s Extremely Bad Advice column