Stackhouse: relaunched Globe will not be a magazine

Approached for comment on J-Source’s May 29 post about The Globe and Mail’s relaunch plans, editor-in-chief John Stackhouse said the post was inaccurate. While the Globe was “taking some inspiration from magazines learning from the success of the ones [mentioned in the post] as well as newspapers in southern Europe and South America,” describing the planned relaunch as “a daily magazine” was “way, way off,” Stackhouse said in an email.

In his May 29 comments to the Canadian Association of Journalists’ conference in Montreal, Stackhouse said his team was “rethinking the daily newspaper in magazine terms,” and described the desired result as “a magazine-quality daily paper.” He said that while the digital Globe products would carry the news, the printed product would provide a “daily pause,” a source of insight rather than being the “journal of record.”

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