Sports pathfinder


Sport Canada
Part of the federal Department Of Canadian Heritage. DOCH mission is “Towards a More Cohesive and Creative Canada”. Sport Canada aims to improve amateur athletics by developing policy (diversity in sports participation for example), athlete funding, ethics training, bilingualism in sports, and other high level oversight. They also maintain a bilingual Sport Lexicon which could be very useful to journalists.

Sport Information Resource Centre
A multilingual sports research dissemination service for the public. Sponsored by Canadian Heritage, a federal agency. Includes a very useful categorized page of links to Canadian sports of all kinds.


Canadian Centre for Ethics In Sport
Independent national non-profit organization which researches and educates about drug-free, ethical sport in Canada. Works with international organizations like the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance
Promotes Canada as a destination for athletic tourists.

Coaching Association of Canada
A non-profit sports agency which promotes coaching in Canada, and formulates the National Coaching Certification Program.

Canadian Centre for Advancement of Women And Sport And Physical Activity
Promotes sports and physical activity to women; lobbies for increased numbers of women in sports leadership roles, and increased media coverage of women’s sports.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame
Honours Canada’s famous athletes; preserves record of Canadian sports achievements for national heritage.

To Do, Canada
Useful set of links to sports for the physically disabled.

Sports Officials of Canada
Promotes excellence in “sports officiating” through training and publications.

Micromedia ProQuest Canadian Sports Timeline
A useful list of notable sports events in Canada.

Sports Turf Association
An organization representing those interested in management of both synthetic and natural turf (grass) on which sports are played.

Canadian Blind Sports
Useful list of inks to other sites for the blind (visually impaired) in sports, both international and from several Canadian provinces.


Canadian Soccer Association
Promotes soccer at all levels for all Canadians. Affiliated with FIFA and the Canadian Olympic Association.

Rowing Canada
National governing body for rowing in Canada. Associated with the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Canadian Shooting Sports Association
A site for members of the CSSA – sports shooters and firearms enthusiasts.

Women’s International Hockey
Includes information specific to Canadian women’s hockey and links to each year’s world championships.

Canadian Hockey League
The site for the CHL which determines draft picks for the NHL.

Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Association
Site for the Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League. Oversees programming and services supporting wheelchair basketball. Encourages participation of disabled and able-bodied people.

Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
A volunteer-staffed charity whose mandate is to advocate for physical and health education for children.


Ontario Cycling Association
Governing body for cycle racing in Ontario.

Ontario Soccer Association
Governing body for soccer in Ontario.


Sport Alliance of Ontario
A non-profit sports management agency. Presents the Ontario Sports Awards.

Canadian Sport Centre Ontario
The Ontario chapter of a network of centres across Canada. Delivers personal and professional services (sports health services, testing, and much more) to Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches.

Ontario Track & Field Association
Promotes development of track and field in Ontario.

Sport Manitoba
Plans, programs, and funds amateur sport in Manitoba.


Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto’s NHL hockey team.

Toronto Blue Jays
Toronto’s baseball team.

Montreal Canadiens
Montreal’s NHL hockey team.


The Sports Network (TSN)
Established 1984. The first national sports network. Affiliated with CTV. Runs sports coverage 24 by 7.
Website providing news and commentary about Canada’s top level amateur athletes, e.g. world and Olympic class.

The Score Television Network
A national specialty television network broadcasting sports events and news.

Rogers Sportsnet
Rogers’ site for publicizing their cable TV sports programming content, and sports news items.

Yahoo! Canada Sports
A typical Yahoo! categorized list.


Canadian Interuniversity Sport
Organize interuniversity sports championships, provide awards and scholarships to student athletes, and guidance to university coaches.

Sporting Canada
Private company which publicizes statistical sports information on Canadian Interuniversity Sport cross country, track & field, swimming and wrestling.