Silver lining amid subscription cuts?

A study of the monthly expenses that families are willing to cut from their budgets during an economic slowdown suggests subscriptions to magazines and newspapers will be cut fourth in order. That’s after tickets for concerts and sports events (1), movies (2) and DVD purchases (3), but before premium cable packages (5).

A story in the Globe and Mail deals a bit with media stocks. A quoted analyst suggests investors are comparing today’s economic crisis, vis a vis media advertising, to the  aftermath of the dot-com crash in 2001-2003. That might be, sort-of, good news … but the analyst warns it’s going to get worse if there’s a recession.

The big news is that Internet connections are listed tenth of items to cut, last, in the report by Solutions Research Group. There’s no analysis in the story of online
versus dead-tree readership of magazines and newspapers. If online advertising does not collapse, could Internet readership — the shift that has caused so many of our woes — become the proverbial silver lining for journalism?

I’m ever the optimist. Or maybe the fool…