“Shock” at murders of Iraq journalists

The International Federation of Journalists has called on the international community “to take special action to confront the human tragedy in Iraq where the killings of journalists and media staff have reached “shocking proportions that can no longer be ignored.”  Everything about Iraq seems shocking — but the IFJ has had enough with the recent murders of five media workers in Iraq, while it says Iraqi journalists are frustrated that their situation is “not being taken seriously by major players on the international media scene.”

From outside Iraq it’s unclear what can and should be done — other than bear witness. “The international community must stand up and take fresh action to alleviate the distress of journalists and media under siege in Iraq,” said IFJ General Secretary Aidan White, who wants the “media crisis at the top” of political and  social movements. The IFJ is one of several media organizations that set up Iraq Media Safety Group, which set up a “safety office” in Baghdad and aims to “develop high-profile connections with government officials and media owners in the area of security for journalists.”