In SEO writing, algorithms replace journalists

CBC’s Ira Basen talks about the value of search capabilities his new documentary Engineering Search: The story of the algorithm that changed the world, where he explores the past present and future of search engine optimization. The documentary will air on CBC Radio 1 on Dec. 5.

Originally intrigued by the role that search plays in journalism, particularly in “determining the stories might get told and which won’t,” Basen quickly realized that search plays a central role in many more aspects of our lives. Instead, the doc will look at Google’s famed algorithm and the impact it has had on how we use the web.

In a Q&A with PR Conversation‘s Judy Gombita, Basen compares PR to SEO:

“A good PR person knows how to draft a news release that will attract the attention of his or her targeted media. These PR practitioners know what journalists are looking for and how to deliver that information. But there’s no guarantee there will be any pick-up, because there are lots of variables that will determine whether the story will get selected or not.

“SEO is much the same thing, except you replace the journalist with the search algorithm. An SEO expert knows how to create a website or blog that will attract the attention of a search engine, because they presumably have a deeper understanding of what the algorithm is looking for than the ordinary person (I’m talking about organic links here, not paid links).”