“Scud stud” Kent reaches settlement in lawsuit

Arthur Kent, well-known for his reporting of the scud missile attacks during the Gulf War in 1991, has reached a settlement in the lawsuit he brought against Universal Studios, according to a Canadian Press report.

Kent brought the suit against the studio because he alleged that it used portions of his voice and video recordings in its film Charlie Wilson’s War.

In a press release, Kent said:

“I am very pleased with the terms of the settlement. I brought these actions only to uphold the copyright protection of my work, my voice, and my archive, and to make clear that I do not endorse the account of historical events conveyed by the movie.”

According to a Globe and Mail report, Kent’s suit “stemmed from the film’s use of portions of a
10-minute documentary produced for the BBC in 1986 about the Afghan mujahedeen,
which Kent says he didn’t authorize. In an earlier interview with The
Globe and Mail
, Kent described the film as “grossly inaccurate” from a
historical perspective and objected to the makers using his voice to
create “a fairy tale about the Afghan war.”