Satirical rally puts spotlight on media coverage

With Glen Beck and Jon Stewart leading rallies, is the U.S.
heading toward personality
? This weekend’s Rally
to Restore Sanity
left some journalists scratching their heads about how to
cover the event. Spying a mainstream media
, the liberal-leaning PoliticsUSA blog posted clips of network
journalists trying to figure out what to call the thing. National Public Radio decided it was a
partisan political gathering, and forbade its
from taking part. Meanwhile, the New York Times‘ Brian Stelter
saw the rally as media
in action, culminating in Jon Stewart’s speech.
Jeff Jarvis caught the underlying
: “I must confess that I came away feeling a bit ashamed to be a
member of the media and journalism tribe…We are evil coaches on grade school
playgrounds, making sides and then pitting them against each other.” But let’s
not end Big Issue on a downer. The Huffington Post‘s 100
best signs
gallery proves there’s still room for humour in the American
political discourse.

(Huffington Post photo)