Rupert Murdoch is optimistic

Bon mots from Rupert Murdoch’s radio address for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
(is the News Corp. chair trying to buy that too?), in which he argues
newspaper industry doomsayers are “misguided cynics” and the Internet
is an exciting opportunity:

“Unlike the doom and gloomers, I believe that newspapers will reach new heights in the 21st century.”

this coming century, the form of delivery may change, but the potential
audience for our content will multiply many times over.”

“Our real business isn’t printing on dead trees. It’s giving our readers great journalism and great judgment.”

if papers provide readers with news they can trust, we’ll see gains in
circulation—on our web pages, through our RSS feeds, in emails
delivering customised news and advertising, to mobile phones.”

“… we are moving from news papers to news brands.”

A story in the Guardian is here.

is Rupert Murdoch the right guy to lead the charge to “great journalism
and great judgment?” When he bought the Wall Street Journal last year critics thought not; the Columbia Journalism Review has been keeping an eye
on the news mogul. He has proved himself an adept businessman with
media holdings worldwide range from Fox Broadcasting to the (British)
Times to Harper Collins and a huge whack of other book publishers.

J-Source has had plenty to say about Murdoch.