RTNDA changes name

After 49 years under the acronym RTNDA, the Association of Electronic Journalists has voted to change its name. Reflecting changes in the industry, the association will no longer be called the Radio Television News Directors Association, but the Radio Television Digital News Association. The name swap is meant to give the nod to online journalism.

“Flipping those two letters, from “News Directors” to “Digital News” makes us more inclusive,” said President Andy LeBlanc in a news release. “Whether we are the news director, a reporter, a student, or an educator, we are all striving to achieve the same outcome: superb electronic journalism. Digital technology means we are no longer limited to radio and television – electronic journalists are also online.”

In addition to the name change, members also voted to make all practicing electronic journalists voting members. Before this, only news directors and news managers were able to vote on association matters.