27 Aug

Live blog: Everything you need to know about court reporting in real-time

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15 Apr

Ban on Twitter in Quebec courtrooms goes in effect today

<p>As of Monday, no one will be able to email, tweet or text from inside Quebec courtrooms without the consent of the judge, the <a href="">Montreal Gazette reported</a>.</p>

14 Mar

Ontario to consider cameras in court, CP reports

 The Canadian Press is reporting that Ontario’s attorney general “says he’s open to the idea of allowing cameras in courtrooms and says the time is right to canvas judges, Crown attorneys and defence lawyers on their opinions.”CP’s Allison Jones says a 2008 unreleased report “recommended the attorney general amend the Courts of Justice Act to […]

11 Jun

Twitter in the courtroom

News Ottawa Citizen reporter Glen McGregor filed a steady stream of tweets from Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien’s recent bribery trial. Kate Dubinski of the London Free Press did the same at the Bandidos biker gang murder trial. Is twitter in the courtroom a fad or a new way to cover trials? Luigi Benetton weighs the […]

2 Jun

Journalists challenged to expose wrongful convictions

ByMelissa Wilson The media should tone down coverage that pressures police to solve crimes and devote more effort to reporting on trials and investigating cases that result in wrongful convictions, says a founding director of the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted. Journalists play an important role in alerting the public to a possible […]

28 Sep

Covering the U.S. courts

BackgrounderConrad Black’s fraud trial in Chicago highlighted the differences between the Canadian and American systems of justice. A Canadian journalist who needs to know how a grand jury works or where to find a case file down south can consult the Knight Centre for Specialized Journalism’s court coverage website. It’s designed to help rookie and […]

26 Sep

It’s a crime

FeatureToronto’s streets aren’t “nighttime killing fields” — but it’s easy to say they are. Chris Richardson of the Ryerson Review of Journalism explores the challenges of covering the city’s most notorious neighbourhood.

26 Sep

When the offence never rests: Covering Pickton

FeatureFaced with the challenge of reporting on the graphic evidence presented at the murder trial of Robert Pickton, editors struggled to decide how much was too much. What do audiences want, and should they always get it? Regan Ray reports in the Ryerson Review of Journalism.

17 Apr

Pickton coverage brings backlash

CommentaryHow much information about Robert Pickton’s murder trial is too much information? Tony Burman, editor in chief of CBC News, comments on the public backlash against media coverage of graphic evidence being heard in a New Westminster, B.C. courtroom.

26 Dec

Keys to fair reporting on youth crime

FeatureExperts says reporters sensationalize youth crime and contribute to the public misconception that teens are increasingly violent and out of control. Stephanie Cameron checks the facts behind the headlines in the King’s Journalism Review.