24 May

Why hasn’t Mayor Rob Ford sued the Toronto Star?

<p><strong>By J-Source Law editor Thomas Rose</strong></p>

2 May

Opinion: On Brian Burke, journalism and Internet anonymity

<p><strong>By Thomas Rose</strong></p><p>Let’s face it; the reason most people are talking about Brian Burke right now is because he’s a well known powerful member of the hockey world who is defending himself against allegations of sexual impropriety involving a younger, attractive sportscaster who is not his wife.  If the case ever makes it to trial, and most cases involving defamation do not, the outcome will likely hinge on how the defence frames the issue. </p>

19 Mar

Writers’ coalitions against TC Media, Toronto Star new freelance contracts

<p><strong>By Paula Last</strong></p><p>When freelance writer Ann Douglas received a new contract for her parenting column in the <em>Toronto Star</em>, she couldn’t sign it. The contract, <a href="">Douglas said</a> gave permission to third parties to reuse her work without or editorial control and denied additional compensation. </p>

19 Oct

Top court protects online links from libel claims

<p>Internet users who post hyperlinks to libellous material posted on other websites cannot be sued for repeating the libel, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled. The Oct. 19 ruling in <em>Crookes v. Newton</em> protects one of the most basic functions of the Internet -- the ability of users to share links to material posted online, even material they have not fully reviewed and they may not agree with.

13 Sep

Ruling relaxes libel rules for political bloggers

<p>An Ontario judge has tossed a libel action against three political bloggers, arguing that web-based political discussions are forums for “the parry and thrust” of vigorous debate and participants whose reputations have been attacked should fight back with words, not legal action.</p>

20 Sep

Court unmasks anonymous media site posters

NEWS – In what may be the first case of its kind involving comments posted to a Canadian media website, the Halifax weekly The Coast has been ordered to identify […]

23 Jul

CP fined for breaching ban

News The Canadian Press has been fined $4,000 for contempt of court for breaching a publication ban imposed at a British Columbia murder trial last year. The wire service circulated […]

11 Feb

Web 2.0 libel suits multiply

Feature The Web 2.0 movement ushered in an interactive Internet and put power in the hands of the people, tapping the so-called wisdom of the crowds to change the world […]

11 Dec

Defamatory email costs sender $7,800

By Betsy PowellCourts Bureau September 4, 2008 – A recent out-of-court settlement provides a cautionary tale for anyone who has ever sent an email saying malicious things about someone, especially […]

28 Jul

Britian’s libel laws ‘a global menace’

CommentaryBritain’s libel laws are outdated and a gift to the censorious and powerful, who use them to silence critics and, increasingly, to try to shut down websites and bloggers. The […]