Reuters’ “sinking feeling”

Busted by a 13-year old.


After a boy in Finland noticed pictures carried by Reuters looked like subs in the movie Titanic, the news agency was forced to admit the provenance of the images. Reported the Guardian: “footage it released last week purportedly showing Russian submersibles on the seabed of the North Pole actually came from the movie Titanic.”

Here’s the Guardian story. (Free, but registration needed)

Rubbing salt in the wound, the Guardian added:

The incident is doubly embarrassing for the agency since it follows a case in August last year in which it published an image by a freelancer of Israeli bombings in Lebanon that had been dramatised using photo manipulation, with the addition of smoke rising from allegedly burning buildings.

After that gaffe, Reuters promised to tighten up its controls on material being put out in its name.