Retired CBC broadcaster dies

After a battle with cancer, longtime host of CBC Radio news programs World Report and The World at Six, Russ Germain, died on Feb. 2, the CBC reports.

Germain joined the CBC in 1973 after working for private broadcasters in Edmonton for a few years.

He held various positions over the years, including being newsreader and announcer for CBC Television, host of CBC Radio’s Ideas during the mid-70s and early 80s and in the 90s he became CBC Radio’s language advisor. He is best known for hosting World Report and The World at Six.

He retired in 2002.

Germain’s former colleague and current World Report host Judy Maddren said:

“One of his values was to do the best job he could and to tell the truth. That’s a difficult quality to find these days.… You could trust Russ Germain [and] you sensed he really worked hard at that trust…He was the real thing. He was a very handsome man, had kind of a nice little quirk to him. He, of course, had this amazing voice. That was part of his attraction.”