Rachel Pulfer, Journalists for Human Rights


Rachel Pulfer, Journalists for Human Rights


Rachel Pulfer, Journalists for Human Rights

Original nomination:

In her first year at the helm of JHR (Journalists for Human Rights), Rachel expanded the reach and impact of JHR's programs, solidifying Canada's reputation as a leader in international media development. 

Under Rachel's leadership, JHR:
• Built partnerships with Toronto Star, Shaw Media and CBC, sending top journalists to train their African counterparts. 
• Expanded across the DR-Congo, fostering a culture of accountability journalism in the most unexpected and inaccessible of places (Bukavu, Matadi, Mandaka).
• Built a network of journalists across Liberia dedicated to keeping Presidential elections outcomes honest.
• Created a live-blogging program out of the rebel-held city Goma, DRC, gaining 2 million hits from North America.
• Started a human rights reporting program at the University of Liberia.
• Successfully pushed for the release of fourteen Liberian refugee girls from sex slavery.
• Raised awareness of Liberia's minimum wage and successfully added this issue to the national agenda.


Global News journalists in Liberia: http://j-source.ca/article/global-journalists-mentor-media-liberia

JHR’s Congo campaign: http://www.jhr.ca/en/CONGO.php

JHR Goma liveblog: http://live.jhr.ca/Event/News_from_DR_Congo_Local_Perspectives

JHR Liberia program evaluation 2011-2012: http://www.jhr.ca/en/aboutjhr/downloads/publications/Evaluation%20Report%202012.pdf