Pulitzer Prize open to multimedia journalism

In recognition of “the growing importance of visual storytelling using
video” and multimedia, the Pulitzer Prize board has changed some rules
to allow submissions in “all the journalistic formats that news
organizations use to generate impactful work.”

“These changes help ensure that in the multimedia age, the Pulitzer Prizes will continue to recognize the very best journalism in all formats,” said Pulitzer Board Co-Chairs David M. Kennedy and Amanda Bennett said in a press release.

Now, 12 of 14 categories now accept “any available journalistic tool,” including text reporting, video, databases, multimedia or interactive presentations, or any combination of these formats.

Another rule change hopes to encourage “the broadest possible entries” — now, the number of names on a team entry has increased from three to five.

The third and final change is designed to make it easier for organizations to enter the two still photography categories. The organization ditched the requirement that photos for the Breaking News and Feature photography categories must be submitted via snail mail print outs. Now, photos may be submitted electronically, in recognition that not all photos are intended for the paper.

Do these new changes open up the coveted Prize for you? Deadline for journalism entries is Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011.