Pregnant women, pandemics and politics

Susan Delacourt from the Toronto Star covers a bizarre bout of heckling and laughter Tuesday in the House of Commons as Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett (a physician and former public health minister) attempted to raise a question about H1N1 vaccine.

What Delacourt describes as mocking derision from the Tory benches prevented Bennett from completing a question regarding risk of exposure to adjuvants within the vaccine for pregnant women.

“This isn’t funny,” shouts a grimacing Bennett in a video uploaded by the Liberals on You Tube. (A longer version with the full question was uploaded here)

The incident can be found spinning through the blogs at Impolitical, Dr. Dawg and Broadsides (Antonia Zerbisias, Warren Kinsella, and online news fora at CBC, Macleans and the Globe and Mail