Pens and lens: Toronto Star reporters’ best photos of 2010

At the Toronto Star, there are
reporters, and there are photojournalists, and there are “Two-ways” —
Jim Rankin, Dale Brazao and Jim Wilkes. They’re the Star‘s answer to shrinking newsroom budgets: reporters that also take photos. Here’s a sampling from the Star‘s list of the trio’s best shots of 2010. (The Globe‘s ‘best of’ list is here)

By Jim Wilkes, Toronto Star. A couple walks their dog at Ashbridges Bay: Who needs stock photography when you have photo-snapping reporters?

By Jim Wilkes, Toronto Star

By Jim Rankin, Toronto Star. A helicopter flies low during the G20 in Toronto: what does a police state look like?

By Jim Rankin, Toronto Star

By Dale Brazao, Toronto Star. Brazao took this photo secretly with a BlackBerry camera while undercover at a Toronto retirement home. Brazao helped the man after staffers failed to attend to him. The photo helped give a human face to the Star’s investigation into despicable conditions in nursing homes.
By Dale Brazao, Toronto Star