PAB 2010 speakers announced

PAB2010 is in Ottawa June 18-29. Originally called Podcasters Across Borders, the annual conference has evolved into a three-day social/new media event that includes speaking sessions, workshops, panel discussions, concerts, a boat cruise and a charity drive.

You can register here. Find out more here.

This year’s speakers:

Avril Benoit
Director of Communications, Doctors without Borders and former broadcaster, speaking about how Doctors without Borders harnesses social media to engage a global audience

Dave Brodbeck
Psychology prof at Algoma University, moderator of the discussion “What if my boss finds out?”, with Tom Merritt, Ken Hernden, and “Scarborough Dude”

Ken Hernden
Librarian and Podcaster

Tamir Israel
Lawyer with the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, on “Responsible Communication”

Adele McAlear
Montreal-based digital marketer, on Death and Digital Legacies

Barry McLoughlin
President of McLoughlin Media and keynote speaker, on the “elements of style” and how they affect credibility and relevance

Tom Merritt
Podcaster with the TWiT network (This week in tech)

Kady OMalley
CBC Politics blogger, speaking on the crossroads of traditional and new media

Scarborough Dude
Host of the Dicks n Janes podcast

Mare Swallow
Etiquette Bitch podcaster on applying adult learning principles to media creation.

Mike Tennant
co-author, The Age of Persuasion, on the role of creative in the new age of media