Out of crisis, a tough, truthful spirit

Globe and Mail columnist Lawrence Martin in fine form: “To save journalism, bring on that Jon Stewart outrage


  • Journalism got corporate and soft … abetting easy routes to war and market chaos.
  • As
    media ownership became concentrated in the hands of a few corporate
    giants, journalists too often came to reflect the ethos of those
    corporate giants.
  • …the boomers got old and tired and, in the past decade or so, the neo-cons blew them off the map.
  • We
    buckle too easily. When the Governor-General made her decision to
    sustain the Conservative government in office, she gave no explanation.
    Instead of demanding one, our media folded like deck chairs.
  • There’s a dismaying conformity…
  • The
    shakedown is coming. Let it bring with it a new spirit – a journalism
    that is tougher, less knee-jerk, less beholden to elites, more beholden
    to the truth.

Hear, hear.