Online video stats: Is anyone actually working?

We know online video is popular, but the latest US numbers were startling nevertheless: US Internet users viewed 14.3 billion (yup, with a “b”) in December alone–averaging 96 (!) videos per Internet user for that month. Makes you wonder how people squeeze in work around all that online viewing.

The stats, reported on from a just-released comScore Video Metrix report, says that Google’s Web properties (including YouTube) accounted for much of the traffic, with 41% of the online video market. Fox Interactive was in second place with a comparitively  3.1% share. Yahoo, Viacom Digital and Hulu trailed the leaders. Average video duration was 3.2 minutes (though Hulu viewers average 10.1 minutes per session). Most popular: music videos, comedy and viral shorts, not entire television episodes or movies (though the report didn’t include video downloads and purchases).