NYTimes.com paywall set for January

New York Times executive editor
Bill Keller has announced plans to erect a paywall around
NYTimes.com for January.

There are few details about how the paywall will work, or how much it will charge. A previous Times’ paywall was removed in 2007.

Fast Company reports:

“This is it folks–the newspaper’s last and best hope (so they think) for survival: paywalls. The New York Times has finally revealed the date that the wall will go up across the world’s access to its news content. It’s January 2011.

“Bill Keller, the Times’ executive editor, was speaking at a dinner event for the Foreign Press Association yesterday when he revealed the news, ending months of speculation sparked off by earlier rumors and confirmation that a plan to erect a paywall around the Times was in fact in progress.”

The removal of free content is the latest tactic in the Big Apple’s heated newspaper war between the Times and Rupert Murdoch, who recently announced plans for a New York edition of the Wall Street Journal.