Nova Scotia to post restaurant inspections online

The Nova Scotia government says it will begin to post restaurant health inspections online this summer. The announcement came in the provincial legislature in response to an opposition private members bill to make such postings mandatory. Agriculture Minister Brooke Taylor says the system will post results going back three years, starting from the date the system goes into effect, according to the Halifax Chronicle Herald.
Unlike some jurisdictions, such as Toronto, that grade restaurants on a colour scheme or letter grade, the Nova Scotia system will post entire inspection reports, the minister said.
“Nova Scotians can obviously draw their own conclusions as to what the results are,” Taylor told reporters at Province House.
The Herald published a major series based on food inspection reports in 2006. At the time, the government resisted releasing the reports, refused to release an electronic database, and said the public should trust officials to keep dining safe. The series is accessible through links in the Herald story.
Nova Scotia also recently began to post online skeletal details of daycare inspections.