NMA nominations announced

The National Magazine Award nominations were announced last night in Montreal.

The Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement will go to Cynthia Brouse for her contributions to Canada’s magazine community. Brouse, a former managing editor of Saturday Night, is an award-winning writer, editor and teacher.

The Walrus and L’actualité led the pack with 28 nominations each, followed by Toronto Life with 27 and Maclean’s with 20.

Canadian Business, AlbertaViews and Spacing are the three finalists for the top prize of Magazine of the Year.

As for individual writers, Chris Koentges led with five nominations while Valérie Borde, Gerald Hannon and J.B. MacKinnon each received four for their written work. Mark Anderson, Kim Pittaway, David Hayes, Jay Teitel, Don Gillmor and Sophie Doucet each received three nominations.

In photography categories, Natasha V and Stacey Haines were each nominated four times.

The winner of the Best New Writer award is Kris Demeanor for the article “Get a Job,” which appeared in Unlimited.

Check out the full list of nominees at the NMAF website.

The awards will be handed out at the National Magazine Awards Foundation gala, which will be held in Toronto on June 5. Tickets are on sale now.