Nieman launches iPhone app

The Nieman Journalism Lab has created a new Apple app for sharing stories.

On a Nieman blog post, Joshua Benton writes:

“Every day, there are 16 gazillion news articles about the future of journalism, 27.5 flabillion blog posts, and 294 quinzillion tweets. (These are all estimates.) There’s a lot of great stuff in there, but just keeping up to date — tracking it all — takes up way too much time for most people.”

The app is free for download, and can be used on the iPhone, iPad Touch and the iPad (Benton writes: “It’ll also work on the iPad, although it’s not yet a native iPad app.”)

Benton writes that the new app includes:

-Nieman’s stories and videos
-Access to a searchable archive of stories
-Nieman’s Twitter feed
-The best of the web’s journalism news
And more