Newsstand magazine sales rise in 2010

The latest ABC Fas Fax Periodicals report has been released, and it reveals an uptick in newstand sales.

The report is published every six months and represents 4,000 members across North America. The most recent report covers the six-period month ending December 2010.

“Some of the newsstand sales increases are absolutely stunning,” Masthead reports. “These results do demonstrate that the newsstand remains vibrant and unpredictable.

“Plus, given the softness in subscriptions, the newsstand has arguably never been so important to publishers, seeking consumer support and paid circulation, solid cost per copy recovery, and insert card production for rate base management requirements.”

Masthead notes some of the more impressive results:

-Overall, single copy sales of ABC titles show an improvement of 6.5% in Canada
-Overall sales improved to 1,162,710 units from 1,091,269 copies (stripping out magazines that were not reporting single copy sales last year)

Rogers publications made the top four in terms of percentage of newsstand sales improvement in December 2010 over December 2009, Mathead notes:

1. Canadian Business is up 155%
2. Lou Lou is up 108%
3. MoneySense up 104%
4. Maclean’s is up 77%

Other notables include Chatelaine, who saw the biggest increase in numbers of copies sold (up 45%), Elle Canada (up 43%) and Canadian House & Home (up 26%).