News reporter among “careers with no future”: study

The American news reporter may very well be an endangered species, according to a new report by CBS.

Using statistics from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011, CBS found 10 normally high-paying careers that “are projected to shrink in the coming years”, including judge, fashion designer, travel agent, and yes, newspaper reporter:

“Read it and weep: According to the BLS, a whopping 4,400 jobs will disappear by 2018 (out of 69,400 total in 2008). That’s more than three times the number of newsroom employees at The New York Times. The bad news for print can be summed up in one word: Internet. “Some of the print people are finding jobs online,” says Lauren Csorny, an economist at the BLS. “But there aren’t enough to make up for the losses.” No wonder that newspaper reporters ranked No. 184 out of 200 jobs, one slot above stevedore, in’s annual JobsRated survey.”