News outlets vie for Helen Thomas’ White House seat

Now that Helen Thomas, who has long held the coveted front-and-centre
seat in the White House press room, has retired due to a controversial
she made (see video below), news outlets are competing to take her spot.

Yahoo reports:

“Recently, Fox News, Bloomberg News, and NPR  have all sent letters to the board arguing why they deserve to move up.

“However, there’s speculation among White House reporters that the front-row-center seat Thomas long held may be awarded to none of them. Instead, the Associated Press — which typically gets the first question at presidential news conferences — could move to the center, with another news organization, like one of those three, taking its place.”

Yahoo adds:

“It may seem like a game of elite-media musical chairs, but the possible moves are indicative of the changing nature of the White House press corps.

“Several news organizations that have scaled back in recent years are petitioning to keep their seats, including Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, the Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Times, the Boston Globe and the Baltimore Sun.

“Meanwhile, several outlets now regularly covering the White House — such as the Financial Times, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, Reuters TV, Essence, and Talking Points Memo — are all vying for their own permanent place in the room.”