News? I don’t need no stinkin’ news!

About one in five Americans don’t read, watch or listen to news on a typical day, according to the latest biennial news consumption survey released by the Pew Research Center. For some sectors of the news industry, that could be considered the good news …

Here are the 15-year trend lines from survey questions designed to track where people regularly go for news:

  • Newspaper readership declined from 58 to 34 per cent
  • Radio news listeners declined from 47 to 35 per cent since
  • Local TV news viewership declined from 77 to 52 per cent
  • Network news viewership declined from 60 to 29 per cent

More recent formats for news delivery, however, are doing better:

  • Morning news show viewership held fairly steady since 1998
  • Cable TV news viewership increased from 33 to 39 per cent since 2002
  • Online news viewership jumped from 2 to 37 per cent since 1995

There’s much more to be found in the 129-page survey report. Findings will post a few more highlights during the coming days. In the meantime, click here for: A summary of the report or the full report (PDF).