New York Times raises newsstand price

Newsstand buyers of The New York Times will have have to cough up a little extra for their paper beginning on June 1, as the company announced plans to raise prices for individual copies.

The Monday to Saturday paper is set to go up to US$2 from $1.50, while the Sunday edition will go up to $5 from $4 in the New York area and to $6 from $5 in other parts of the country.

Subscription rates are not going up at this time.

In April, the company reported a first-quarter loss of $74.5 million.

The Times raised prices (from $1.25 to $1.50) in July, 2008 as revenue dropped and the company also made attempts to cut costs.

Early this year, the Times also changed its policy on front-page ads and began selling ads for the front page of the newspaper, below the fold.