New CRTC policy for community and campus radio

The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission has
introduced new policy for community and campus radio stations.

Broadcaster Magazine reports:

“The policy provides this sector with stable funding, and emphasizes the importance of local reflection as well as the participation of volunteers in all areas of a station’s operations.

“Community and campus radio stations serve a distinct need within the broadcasting system,” said Michel Arpin, the CRTC’s Vice-Chairman of Broadcasting. “In the years to come, these stations will have access to predictable funding so that they may continue to offer local information, give exposure to emerging Canadian artists and provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in the broadcasting system.”

“The Community Radio Fund of Canada will see its annual funding increase by over $700,000, which will be distributed among the more than 140 community and campus radio stations. Created in 2007, the CRFC is a not-for-profit organization that supports the development of non-commercial, community-based broadcasters.”