Neo-conservative Standard closing

The ideological Western Standard magazine will stop printing after three years and 82 publications, and remain an online entity only, says founder Ezra Levant according to reports.

“It’s not that we’re an important part of independent journalism, sometimes we’re the only independent journalistic voice,” Levant told CanWest. “Sometimes we were the only people who had an impact because we were the only ones who were independent enough to do it.” (I suspect those at the Tyee, Straight Goods, local weeklies and publicly-owned and mainstream outlets like the Georgia Straight would disagree.)

One thing the Standard did do independently, and nearly alone in the Canadian media landscape, was to re-print the so called “Mohammed” cartoons that originated in Europe and caused a worldwide kerfuffle.

There’s only one thing that I really want to know: will the cruises for conservatives continue? The website says only that the 2008 cruise is postponed.

October 5, 2007: More from Levant in the Western Standard blog.