NDP calls out CBC

The NDP has criticized the CBC for hiring outspoken former Harper communications director Kory Teneycke as a political commentator.

Teneycke was hired last month to appear on various CBC programs such as The National, Power & Politics, The House and CBC.ca. He will comment on  government, politics and media, and will participate in CBC News’ election coverage, including election night.

The Globe and Mail reports:

“Charlie Angus wants the CBC to explain why it is paying Stephen Harper’s former director of communications to provide political commentary, arguing his employment is a “flagrant violation” of the public broadcaster’s hiring practices.

“There’s more: Mr. Angus, the NDP’s heritage critic, complains that Kory Teneycke’s characterization of his leader, Jack Layton, and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff as “a couple of spineless wets,” is biased political commentary.

“The questions, the criticisms and comments are contained in a pointed letter he sent to CBC Ombudsman Vince Carlin yesterday calling the Tory pundit’s role on the network an “issue of serious concern.”

“Mr. Angus says Mr. Teneycke’s hiring is at “total odds with the Journalistic Standards and Practices of CBC.” The New Democrat notes there is to be a two-year cooling off period between a partisan’s departure from his or her political party or pressure group and their employment by the broadcaster.

“Mr. Teneycke left the PMO about nine months ago. He is being paid for making between eight and 10 appearances a month on several high-profile CBC political programs, including The National, Power & Politics and CBC Radio’s The House.

“This is a black and white violation of CBC’s handbook on standards,” Mr. Angus writes.
He also complains that Mr. Teneycke has “demonstrated very little ability to provide political commentary that demonstrates anything but a bias toward the Conservative Party of Canada.”

NDP letter to CBC Ombudsman – May 3, 2010