National Press Club gets donation for scholarships

The National Press Club of Canada Foundation scholarships program has been given new life thanks to a recent donation.

The Makhzoumi Foundation of Lebanon contributed $30,000 to the NPCCF programs, which support Canadian students in their education.

Fouad Makhzoumi,founder of the Makhoumi Foundation and a Lebanese-Canadian business person, told an April 16 reception in Ottawa:

“Today, as you know, there are six TV stations in Lebanon: three in one political camp, the other three in the other political camp. So it depends which TV station you turn on, and you will create your own image about the country. This is why we are working with the Press Club today, to say it is time to work towards allowing fair and accurate information to be portrayed about the media in general and Lebanon in particular.”

The first of the scholarships will be awarded at the NPCCF gala on May 12 in Ottawa. Three journalism students will be given a total of $6000 a year for the next three years.