National Press Club elects new directors

The National Press Club of Canada Foundation (NPCCF) announced new members of its board of directors.

The new board was announced at the NPCCF annual general meeting on April 4 in Ottawa.

The new board of directors is:

The Executive

  • Dr. Guy Félio – President   
  • Gord McIntosh – Vice President  
  •  Rosaleen Dickson – Secretary, Treasurer

The Directors

  •  Roxanne Brousseau-Félio – Chair, Diplomatic and Multicultural Committee
  •  Bob Diotte – Chair, Memberships and Member Services Committee
  •  Lisa Grenier – Reservations
  •  James Lévêque
  • Eed Murad – Chair, Scholarships and Fundraising Committee
  • Al Ottum

Ex-Officio Member

  • Rennie MacKenzie (Past-President)

The NPCCF’s stated mission is “to provide a place where journalists and newsmakers can meet and speak on issues of the day, to support press freedom and reward and encourage excellence in journalism through awards and scholarship programs.”