National Post cuts weekday availability in two provinces

Right on the heels of its tenth birthday, the National Post is suddenly much less less “national.” The Post has discontinued home delivery of the paper in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan and it will only be available in stores on Saturdays.

“We were losing money distributing the paper for home delivery,” Asper told CBC News. “At the same time, our readers have been telling us — and we can see it in the numbers in the online usage of the product — that they’re using the online version.”

Subscribers will get a special rate for the full digital edition, according to Asper.

In addition, the Post has entered into a “unique arrangement” with The Winnipeg Free Press. The Free Press will carry some of the Financial Post, and will also have access to the Post‘s news service and its columnists’ work.

The CBC story also noted:

“Asper said there are no plans to shut down the paper, and the move to end Monday-to-Friday distribution in Manitoba and Saskatchewan is part of the company’s move toward profitability.

The National Post cut out home delivery in Atlantic Canada a year ago.