National Post column: Star disgraces memory of Aqsa Parvez

In a column for the National Post, author Tarek Fatah criticizes the
Toronto Star
for their coverage of the murder of Aqsa Parvez.

Read the J-Source article about the press coverage of Aqsa Parvez’s case, including the controversial Toronto Life cover.

In the column, Fatah writes:

“As a Muslim father of two daughters and an uncle to at least a dozen nieces, I am aware of the enormous pressures that Muslim girls face as they are forced to become the flag bearers of Islam. All this while their brothers — de facto guardians of their sisters’ honour — are set free to enjoy the pleasures of youth.”

He continues:

“When the Star assigned the story to reporter Noor Javed — who is of Pakistani descent, wears the hijab at work, and has written in glowing terms about her own hijab wardrobe — it was a crass act that reflected at best an ignorance about the case. At worst, it cast insult on the memory of a dead child.

“In her story, Ms. Javed asked the rhetorical question, “Was this the GTA’s first honour killing? Or was Parvez simply a domineering father, who feared losing control of his youngest daughter?” Her dubious conclusion: “Experts say it’s a debate with no resolution.”