Murdoch-Fox/NY Times

A Globe and Mail piece by Sinclair Stewart summarizes the kerfuffle involving Fox News vs the New York Times, which has been making American media news lately. The focus is on photographs of two Times reporters allegedly doctored by Fox. As  Stewart said, they “have stirred a froth about journalistic ethics in media circles here, pitting liberal-minded broadsheet against populist network in a conflict that bears all the scars and sniping of a political race.” His story looks at how the nastiness figures in the media industry’s economic turmoil.

An excerpt:

“Forget about that quadrennial blood feud known as the U.S. presidential election. In New York, at least, the most intriguing tussle between left and right in recent days doesn’t centre on Barack Obama or John McCain, but on a pair of media organizations – The New York Times and Fox News – that wield considerable political clout in their own right.”

Two questions:

When do readers, journalists and the business community begin to suspect that the behaviour of Fox, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, reflects on the integrity of other News Corp holdings such as the Wall Street Journal?

Is Fox participating in Murdoch’s aim to kill off the New York Times?