Multitasking: chatter or investigation?

Lise Bissonnette is at the center of a small controversy among the journalistic/blogging community in Quebec because of a recent talk she gave on political journalism, ProjetJ reports.

Bissonnette, former parliamentary correspondent, editorialist and editor-in-chief of Le Devoir, criticizes journalists for
spreading their energies across diverse platforms (i.e. newspaper
columnists who are also TV/radio pundits and active on Twitter and
Facebook). The risk, she says, is that journalists may spend more time
chattering then investigating. She also deplores the proliferation of
abusive and simplistic comments on media websites as a distortion of
public opinion. (She’s not the only one weighing in on online comments.)

Bissonnette is also the Canadian Journalism Foundation’s Lifetime
Achievement award winner: she will be given her award at the 2010 CJF Annual Awards Gala on June 10.

There is a comprehensive article with additional context on ProjetJ. A
video of the debate, in french, can be found here.