MSM wins! Long live the MSM

“The news tornado of September has been a boon to the downtrodden traditional media,” reported Ian Brown in a Globe and Mail piece about web sites of big mainstream media scoring record audiences.

there’s a big complicated story, people want to go to someone they
trust. I do think there’s a flight to authority,” Bill Keller of the
New York Times told Brown. Brown also quoted Alan Murray of the Wall
Street Journal:”What a crisis like this shows is how much you need all
the real reporters gathering information, to feed the media ecosystem.”
Real reporters.” Ya. I like that.

noted in passing that independent bloggers who gleefully slag the
“mainstream media” will “foam at the keyboard” at this turn of events.
And he noted, “The downtrodden mainstream newspaper industry has
emerged a winner. In the U.S., where 4,000 journalists were laid off
this summer, that smells like a bit of salvation.”

Too bad Brown looked almost entirely about American media. Where are the Canadian numbers and interviews?