In medical news: plastic surgery promotes smoking cessation?

Can’t seem to quit smoking? Try plastic surgery.
The New York Times ran a piece Aug. 13 quoting plastic surgeons who claim the plastic surgery boom is generating an unanticipated benefit to overall health. Vanity, it appears, is a powerful motivator encouraging die-hard smokers to butt out.
 Smokers have a higher incidence of negative side effects from surgery (poor healing, trouble under anaesthesia), prompting docs to deny smokers that eye lift unless they quit.
 Considering how much money is at stake for physicians offering elective cosmetic surgery (especially in the U.S.), I’m not sure that I would take this notion without a small grain of salt. There are probably more effective (and less invasive) ways to quit smoking than a tummy tuck. But it is an interesting social phenomenon, and a nice hook to capture an important story in and of itself – the explosive growth of plastic surgery.

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