Media “necessity” and fair, says Tory

John Tory thanked the media for being fair in his speech announcing his resignation as leader of the Ontario Conservative party. Oddly, Tory’s full comments on media were not in the CTV Web story about the speech. The quotes below are from Bill Doskoch’s blog.

I want to say thank you to you because I ‘ll tell you this much: With very, very rare exceptions, I’ve been treated fairly, I’ve been treated professionally, I’ve been treated courteously — I even like you.

And I can tell you that going forward, I can and will be a voice telling people two things: First, those who are considering public office need not consider the media to be a problem for them if they are prepared to be honest. And I’ll be telling those in the media business that covering the big government in this province is not a frill but a necessity.

The full quote did not show up in any online news source in an admittedly quick search. That’s too bad, because I think the general public needs to hear more about media, and journalists need to do a better job of covering media issues as if they actually matter.