Media is excluding us from election: Elizabeth May

Green Party leader Elizabeth May says she wasn’t just excluded from the leaders’ debate. Nope, she believes the entire mainstream media has decided to keep the Green’s out of the election conversation.

At a recent campaign stop in Kamloops, B.C., May noted that, unlike in 2008’s election, no national newspapers or television crews had joined her whistle-stop tour across Canada.

“We are having a wonderful campaign across Canada,” she told those assembled. “The only way you’d know about it is if you follow us on social media, because in this election the major media consortium didn’t just decide to exclude me from the debates, they seem to have decided they can exclude us from the election.”

She also suggested that the other party leaders, along with media, have decided “the climate crisis” is not an issue, and according to Kamloops paper Kamloops This Week, May also questioned why the Bloc, which doesn’t have as many candidates running, is getting more coverage.