Media concentration: the Irvings versus an upstart

Irving family companies control most of the media in New Brunswick. Now, they’re in court trying to stop an upstart from setting up a competing newspaper. CBC has a story about the case, and the Irving company’s complaint that a former publisher is using confidential information obtained while he worked for them to go into business. Excerpts:
A former newspaper executive with Brunswick News Inc. in western New Brunswick says the company is trying to prevent him from starting a competing title in Woodstock.

In court documents obtained by CBC News, Brunswick News alleges William Kenneth Langdon is using confidential information he obtained as one of their publishers to establish his own newspaper in direct competition with the Woodstock Bugle-Observer.

Langdon resigned on Sept. 19 after working as publisher of the Bugle-Observer for four years. He worked for Brunswick News, which is owned by J.D. Irving Ltd., for 10 years.