Mansbridge “flying blind” without prompter

When computer systems crashed at CBC headquarters June 1, The National anchor Peter Mansbridge was left reading the news from papers on his desk instead of the usual teleprompter.

The Globe‘s Josh Wingrove noted:

“Mr. Mansbridge donned thin, half-rimmed glasses with thick lenses for much of the pared-down show, glancing occasionally up at the camera and evoking the style of newsmen of decades ago. He began the newscast with a warning, telling viewers the crash happened in the hour before the program went to air.

He called it “a massive computer breakdown at the CBC, right across the system right across the country,” and later asked people to “bear with us, and stay with us.”

“We’re working at trying to deal with that as we deal with tonight’s news,” he said. Stories from individual reporters weren’t affected.

The video is not available on The National site and doesn’t seem to have made online anywhere. If anyone has seen it online, please post a link to the comments so other readers can check it out.