Mainstream journalist jumps to “blog”

Some time soon, I think, we’re all going to have to scrap the term “online” and agree on a new way to describe news presented on the Internet instead of through what we used to call print, audio and video formats.

Meanwhile, the force of the change from traditional to Internet media formats is evident in the way the Huffington Post managed to lure a new high-powered chief executive, Betsy Morgan, from her job as general manager of

An excerpt of a New York Times story:

Ms. Morgan will switch from running the Web site for a prominent traditional media organization to running a news Web site that is just over two years old.

“Getting somebody like this to come to our site says a boatload about where the industry is going,” said Kenneth Lerer, who has been acting as the chief executive of The Huffington Post and will move up to chairman. He founded the site along with Arianna Huffington, the political commentator.