Magpie magazine store victim of media changes

The Magpie, the quirky east-side magazine store that became a sort-of Vancouver institution, is closing.

A couple of excerpts from a piece in the Vancouver Sun that captures some of the Magpie’s flavour:

“There aren’t many bookstores that can claim, in their day, to have founded a republic and established themselves as the de facto congress of it.
Magpie Magazine Gallery on Commercial Drive in Vancouver is closing its doors this weekend after almost 15 years in business. Sadly, the place was just getting going….

Marxist-Leninist, anarchist, and feminist magazines stood cheek to cheek with gun, business, and porno magazines for perhaps the first time on “the Drive” and for perhaps the first time in all of Vancouver. The seeming audacity of it all was a welcome change to many of us and, although we knew the Magpie had a socialist soul, we nonetheless fully expected to see the place go up in flames. Indeed, we were most entirely shocked when it didn’t.”